Save Money with Car Insurance Quotes

The easiest way to save money on your car insurance is by shopping around for multiple quotes. Here is a handy reference with links to multiple large, reputable insurance companies.  Remember that insurance companies change rates often (as often as every 6 months) and can target specific groups with artificially low rates.  Come back to this page once or twice a year and go through the quote process to ensure you are getting the best deal!

Steps for efficiently getting auto insurance quotes

  1. Gather the information needed ahead of time.  Sign up for our email list to get a free worksheet that will help you catalog this data.
  2. Next, pick two or thee companies (at least) from the list, and click through to their quote engine.
  3. Keep notes of the ones that have low quotes that aren’t the lowest because you’ll want to check these again next time you look.
  4. Most of all, if the quote comes in lower than your current rate, lock in the savings!
  5. Put the completed form in your safe so that you can reuse it in 6 months.